Your children are disposable vermin! These cold, cutting words were uttered in the midst of a meltdown that has gone viral.

The target was an unsuspecting black male going about his daily routine . Some would argue though that white people should always be suspected of racist inclinations.

When two guys are arguing with one another, both parties understand that if they go past a certain level, they are risking a punch in the mouth. Similarly, the theory goes that if you make a white person upset enough, expect some ‘cism to rear its head.

As the words rolled off this fuckboy’s tongue so effortlessly, it felt like he had been practicing his entire life. The casualness of his caucacity made me sit back and question when black children became branded as the lepers of adolescence.

Within the past 4 to 5 years, montages have been embedded in the public conscious of black children being tackled at school by safety officers, having guns pulled on them at pool parties, screaming for help as they are being executed, etc.

The criminalization and dehumanizing of our babies starts early. Many are perceived as bigger, stronger and faster than other ethnicities of children in their age group whether this is accurate or not.

Coupled with the pervasive level of anti blackness ingrained in our society, this marks them as walking bullseyes. I’d be lying if I told you that these thoughts don’t cross my mind every time I considered having offspring.

Where 12 biased jurors saw a gold toothed, 5’11” hooded threat, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin saw their baby Trayvon.  Black America saw their cousin, brother, nephew, friend, student.

Black parents should not be afraid to send their child to the store alone, lest someone suspect them of being up to no good and either 1) take the law into their own hands or 2) bring overzealous cops into the equation.

Black parents should not be afraid to send their kids to the community pool just because they are a minority in said community.

Essentially, black parents are entitled to the same piece of mind as white parents, to the same assurance that their young won’t fall prey to the fallacies regarding race in America. To law enforcement and vigilantes alike; stop hunting so that we can start healing.