Can this be life? Because it damn sure isn’t love. Shawn Corey Carter’s  hindsight is always 20/20. We’ve gone from black Barack to tangerine Trump quicker than amateur rappers try to accost you with their mix tape.

In spite of these trying times, this week has been particularly pleasant. Sure, the way my blackness is set up doesn’t always allow for that but the last 7 days have been nirvana nonetheless.

An explosive clip of the Worldstar variety was brought to my attention and for that I’m appreciative. In this video, a young, enterprising Calvin finds himself hanging out the drive thru window of Wacarnolds. What is he doing you ask? Engaging in fisticuffs with a pasty complexioned customer.

It seems that some time between the McRib and all day pancakes, company executives agreed that selling fries with a complimentary 2 piece was good for business.

In the midst of all the fuckery, one of Calvin’s colleagues urges him to disengage; to be the bigger man. Our young soul brother’s response is animated yet factual; part James Evan in Good Times, part Prodigy in “Keep it Thoro” and part Samuel L. Jackson in well, anything. Clearly offended by the notion of submission, the young lad exclaims “He got my motherfucking tie!”.

Calvin the god’s response provides a glimpse into the peril(s) of being colored in this world. Even in possession of items that generally warrant respect (ties,wealth, etc.), blackness seems excluded.

Many of us who grew up can recall being told that we had to work twice as hard and be twice as good. By those same sentiments, I salute Calvin for being twice as good as his opponent at running the fade.

You may often ask yourself What can we really do? For starters, lets realize that we’re playing a different game and are being judged by a different set of rules. Lets allow that realization to guide us in crossing our t’s and dotting our i’s.

Lets continue to harness our inherent remarkableness into spectacular results ala Oprah, Adenah Bayoh, Dr. Steve Perry, etc. Most importantly, remember that imperfections exist and misconceptions persist but life goes on. Strive for your version of success in spite of the odds against you.