Back then, we kept up with the Joneses. Now, we do it for the ‘gram. The idea that perception is reality only enhances the pressure many feel to put on a facade of fabolousness.

Social media has certainly perpetuated the need to convince others of how well we’re doing. We’ve all seen the Facebook names; Antoine ‘getting bread’ Jones, Shirley ‘2 great to hate’ Jackson, James ‘Ima boss ho’ Smith.

On one hand it’s understandable. Void a group of people of their resources and their ability to reasonably procure more and the illusion of success becomes much more important.

Now, more than ever though, having an understanding of who you are is imperative.   Most of us with nine to fives have come to accept code switching as part of the duality of our reality; a necessary evil if you will.

For many though, the difficult part becomes figuring out who you need to be and when you need to be it.

Should I mention my desire to revitalize Black Wall Street with the Sarah McLachlan lookalike in the cubicle next to me? Probably not. Is it alright to trade sports stats with the frat boy turned finance analyst in the elevator? Sure.

Indeed, there is an art to presenting different versions of one’s self while maintaining your inner essence and some of us struggle with this more than others. For those having trouble, look to this viral classic as a model of code switching perfected.