Once and for all, can we kill the notion that welfare fraud is an offense relegated to inner city black and brown folks? We’ve all been fed the narrative of the over sexed black or brown single mother, with 12 children by 13 different fathers. They’ve been alleged to abuse taxpayer funds; using public assistance to keep their feet in the latest Jordans and refrigerator stocked with 40 ounce bottles of malt liquor. Those of us with common sense can understand what a caricature this is.

For those lacking in this surprisingly scarce quality, I’d like to bring your attention to the recent bust of 14 individuals in Lakewood, NJ. Their charge; ¬†fraudulently taking in $2 million of public assistance. Lets just say that these schemers are melanin free and probably own zero pairs of Jordans in between all of them.

Quiet as kept, minorities and/or immigrants are not the only ones receiving public assistance. As evidenced by this recent bust, there are pockets of suburbia where Katey, Spencer, Miley and Colin are making full use of the dole.  As with dial-up internet, BET Uncut, and the drink fruitopia, we should put this erroneous ideology to bed.

Life’s like a jungle sometimes and if you wonder how to keep from going under, one resource you should look to is public assistance. When used correctly, it provides a platform to springboard into self-sufficiency and carve out a slice of Amerikkkan pie. Any abuse at any level just ends up screwing over those who are really in need whether they’re black, white or purple.