With age comes wisdom or so the old saying goes. The older I get, the more I find myself noticing things that I wasn’t always aware of. One thing I picked up on is the difference in the way that we equate low value to members of the black race and members of the white race.

When people are describing caucasians that they view as being scandalous, trifling, despicable characters, the default term is white trash. There is clear distinction between this scoundrel of a person and the rest of their allegedly angelic race. Negros just aren’t so lucky. For those equally scandalous, trifling and despicable black characters, there is no distinction made. The term black trash is nearly nonexistent. It’s as if the black race is to some degree perceived as synonymous with trash, thus eliminating the need for specificity.

There’s white trash, black trash, brown trash and yellow trash and that’s because across racial lines, humans are generally shitty creatures. Let’s start identifying trash behavior as trash, regardless of who the offenders are.