Booty & broccoli or apples & abstinence? For some people, taking time away from the pleasures of the flesh, whether deliberate or not, can change the momentum of their productivity. As brief or as long as it ends up being, an erotic exodus may just be what the good doctor ordered.

In 2017, ducking provocative images and speech is nearly impossible as they are everywhere; tv, radio, satellite radio, etc.  Rising above it can seem like an exercise in futility. There is a reason though why boxers ween themselves off the pum before any major fight. The level of restraint brought on by this can be that extra oomph, that secret sauce, that b12 shot that pushes you to peak performance.  If you work at McDonald’s, that may mean you’re assembling a Big Mac in 30 seconds instead of 60 seconds. Stuck at a job you hate? That means you spend more time working on that business plan, project, song, etc.  Couch potatoes may suddenly find the energy to lift things up and put them down (Arnold Schwarzenegger voice).  

Is celibacy right for everyone? Who knows?  The answer to that is one of life’s great mysteries. You know; like why every non music video clip on Worldstar has an exclamation point in the description or why Childish Gambino is so damn talented. Several mass shooters have cited involuntary abstinence as a reason behind their violent episodes. If thick thighs save lives, it doesn’t seem far-fetched to think that actual intercourse will as well. Sway doesn’t have the answers and neither do I. Hey you…. go get laid.