In case you haven’t heard, New York City’s public transit system has been pretty poopish as of late.  Breakdowns, delays; you name it, we’ve got it.  While none of the other public transit systems across the country can compare to the convenience and accessibility that the city offers, there’s a lot to complain about. Admittedly, many of these issues are not exclusive to NYC’s system. In the city that never sleeps though, buses and subways are a special brand of hell reserved for the poor, the colored, and white folks without bikes. Solicitations, scuffles, funk & slashings are just some of the things you will become familiar with in this messy matrix. Enter Dom Kennedy.

Hailing from the Leimart Park section of Los Angeles, Dapper Dom has an everyman appeal that has made him both a critical and underground darling. The sonic influences range from Houston’s slow and syrupy vibe to 80’s synth based r&b to vintage soul samples and everything in between. Lyrically, Dom Kennedy sounds like what happens when middle class, intelligent black guys pick up the mic and tell their story ala J-Cole, Wale,etc. Vocally, he’s way smoother though. Wale’s passionate persona will at times have you feeling like he’s going to come out the speaker and punch you for not understanding. Cole is definitely skilled but doesn’t exude the level of effortless chill that Sir Dom does.

So next time your being hassled for change by a “homeless person” dressed better than you or some prick seems oblivious to the fact that their blocking the passenger entrance, I pray that you’ll press play on that Dom instead of throwing them ‘bows. But that’s a dream deferred and they don’t always come true.