Yeah I said it. Like many of the 90’s babies that came of age during the Clinton administration, I have a special affinity for the island tinged sounds of that era. Spending most of your formative years in pre gentrified Brooklyn will do that. Now in no way is this meant to take away from the pre and post 90’s songs of this groovy genre but the sounds of Shabba, Buju Banton, Sanchez, and Mad Cobra were both infectious and invigorating.

For whats it worth, these songs gave me some of my first insights into dynamics between the sexes, tenets of masculinity, etc. Granted, the performers aren’t known for taking the most progressive stance on certain social issues but their lyrical and musical artistry cannot be denied.

Mr. Loverman….. Shabba! That chant alone has been uttered during so many backyard barbecues, in so many bedrooms and on so many dance floors. Me all ah walk like a champion/talk like a champion! That lyric is on constant loop in my mind when feeling down in the dumps.

Still not buying what I’m selling? Still not realizing that your arms are too short to box with the god? Well, any misgivings that you have should cease if you’re a fan of Dipset Anthem. You know…. Go uptown to Harlem/tell em that I sent ya. This 2000’s crew classic owes its sound bed to Sanchez; the accented crooner who merged r&b and reggae in a magical way.

And then there was Mad….. Mad Cobra that is. While some may write him off as a one hit wonder, this blog will do no such thing. For my young friends and I, having the balls to shout out flexxx-o/time to have sexxx-o during math class was the epitome of thug life.

I loved the 90’s way before Basketball Wives . Ok…. I made that reference because I Love the 90’s & Basektball Wives are both VH1 shows but let’s move on. Long story short, if you don’t appreciate 90’s reggae, don’t ask me for directions, the time or stock tips.