When’s the last time you had an Anglo Saxan Jackson or Silly Lilly assure you that they don’t partake in racial foolery (profiling, stereotyping, etc.)? Usually, the reasons that they give are as absurd as their unwillingness to acknowledge white privilege. I’m not racist, I’ve got x amount of black friends. My personal favorite is the ol’ I can’t be racist, I grew up/lived in (insert black or diverse neighborhood, city, etc.).

Next up on the I’m not racist train is a Silly Lilly employee of the cosmetics chain Sephora. This isn’t the first time that Sephora has battled claims of racial discrimination and judging by the quality of their employees, this won’t be the last. After following around two black customers and then passive aggressively ignoring them when they’d ask for assistance, this Lilly had the spotlight placed on her when the two customers decided to ‘do it live as Bill O’ Reilly would say.

As the video begins, we see the customers expressing their grievances with the employee. At every turn, the worker has a rebuttal. I wasn’t ignoring you, I was helping another customer or I wasn’t following you, I was checking to see if you needed help. The coup de grace though was when she began commenting on how many black friends she had and that she couldn’t be racist because she “grew up in the hood”. Inquiring minds may wonder what ‘hood this Taylor Swift lookalike is referring to. The answer is Gary Indiana; hometown of Micheal Jackson, Freddie Gibbs & apparently, Sephora’s Silly Lilly.

Next time you’re in the G, be on the lookout for a pale posse. In the meantime, try not to curse at this bozo while watching her in action.