Trump’s election and subsequent time in the White House has been a largely terrible affair. Laws have been disregarded and pubescent like posturing has placed this country on the verge of nuclear warfare. While certain groups have been shaking their heads in disbelief, those from communities that are traditionally marginalized have not. For black and brown people, it feels like the world is finally getting a glimpse into what we have been complaining about for years; systemic undermining, no say in policies that directly affect us, etc. All we can say is told you so.

After all this time, Americans by and large are finally getting a heaping of this shit stew that they’ve been stirring for so long. To those who couldn’t fathom such fallacy from a racist, reality TV star, I say wake up.

Dear white people, next time a person of color expresses frustrations with the “system”, don’t write it off. Sit, listen, learn. With the way things in this nation are going, you will soon be experiencing the same.