Four Silly Lillys walk into Howard University. No this isn’t the start of some bad joke that you’d hear at the bar; it really happened. This past weekend, a group of teenaged white girls showed up to world-renowned HBCU, Howard University in modern-day KKK garb; Make America Great Again hat, Trump t-shirt, etc. When their hats were snatched off and they were told to leave, the bold Beckys took to social media to feign shock and make claims of racism.

This is part of a larger trend lately where when things don’t go the way that soldiers of supremacy would have preferred, the big r word gets thrown around. Supremacists have regarded the national outcry to Charlottesville as racism. Similarly, the unwillingness of students to welcome the mayonnaise mommies at one of few safe spaces from white supremacy, Howard U, has been called racist.

The fact that they were draped in a uniform of hate is besides the point. It’s what President Dump would refer to as fake news. In similar wtf fashion, the union representing the NYPD, the nation’s largest police force, has coined the term blue racism in referencing the disgust and distrust that cops face in their daily duties. Nevermind that they’ve earned every ounce of loathing that the public has bestowed on them.

All of these are deliberate ploys to take away the impact of that word and disarm the value in it so that when black and brown folks, the only people actually subjected to racism use it, no one bats an eyelash. Here’s a newsflash to all the peddlers of white supremacy including police officers, the lack of tolerance that people of color and anyone with a brain have for you doesn’t equate to racism. Our dislike for you won’t keep you impoverished, it won’t minimize your quality of life or subject you to unjust incarceration. Most importantly, it doesn’t put you at risk of execution for merely existing.

I know you all think that your slick but trust and believe, we peep your game. And to those basic Beckys; if you play stupid games, expect stupid prizes.