September is here and as Scotty would say, this ish has gotten way deeper than Nino Brown. Cabinet reshuffling is now standard operating procedure in Trump’s fright house. His Tupac swag has intensified with him devoting even more time to riding on enemeeeees and sipping on henneseeeee. George Bush doesn’t care about black people and neither does President Dump.

Last night I sat up watching “New Jack City” and couldn’t help but notice the parallels between the film’s lead antagonist, Mr. Nino Brown and our 45th president, Sir Don.

First off, they’re both in the business of cancelling b**ches though I must say Nino’s approach has a bit more theatrical flair to it.

Second, they both adhere to the bro code but only when it suits them. With the exception of Putin, Trump’s loyalty lies with those who are subservient to him in one way or another. Similarly, Nino was his brother’s keeper until the heat came. In 0-100, G-money went from Capo to liability to lifeless.

Third, they both showcase a severe apathy toward black people. Nino profited from drugs that destroyed black communities. He orchestrated violent uprootings of families from their homes so that he could expand his illegal operation. Savageness aside, his carelessness was likely a result of the sociological conditioning that affects most blacks on one level or another.

Trump on the other hand grew up in a society that told him he and everyone like him was perfect. His distaste for all things black seems to come from the belief that all which is not like him (rich, white) is inferior. In his mind, those beneath him are not worth worrying about.

Donald Trump and Nino Brown; if that’s not a match made in hell, tell me what is.