The clip of a Georgia police officer’s attempt at calming a white, female driver down has traveled fast around the internet. In it, a white officer tells the nervous driver that it’s ok to reach for her cell phone because “we only kill black people right?”.

What’s worth celebrating is the fact that the process to fire this officer has begun. Coupled with the outing of Charlottesville protestors, this is signaling to Anglo Saxan Jacksons and Silly Lillys alike that if you play with fire, you will be burned via public shame, expulsion, unemployment, etc.

This isn’t the first time that white people have done or said racially insensitive¬†things and gotten fired for it but the value of this cannot be understated in Trump’s America. All white supremacist saw Trump’s election as a chance for the inmates to run the yard. Thankfully however, these cowards are being reminded that they are disposable.

The next contestant on fire their racist a** is Duval County principal Kimberly Stidham. In a Facebook post, the charter school principal references song lyrics about lynching. The troubling irony of this was not lost on parents at the Florida school, one with a largely minority student body.

Let’s keep this momentum going. In spite of who our President is, as a country we must keep our foots on the neck of white supremacy and it’s cast of characters. That is the only chance that this country has of actually becoming the beacon of equality that it has been alleged to be.