As FLOTUS, the beautiful and graceful Michelle Obama was compared to a monkey, a man, and terrorist on a daily basis BUT THAT’S NOT RACIST.

In protest of the unpunished police executions of blacks, Colin Kaepernick takes a knee during the National Anthem and finds himself blackballed from the NFL. BUT THAT’S NOT RACIST.

A 16-year-old white girl sends her 17-year-old boyfriend, Levar Allen, a nude video of herself. He replies with a nude video of his own and ends up facing felony child pornography charges. He was a top athlete with no police record and now stands to have his life altered forever because sexting buddy just happened to be fair-skinned. BUT THAT’S NOT RACIST.

Time and time again, folks will insist that racism is not at play when it clearly is.

All of you “racism is dead” believers, I beg of you to explain this latest mishap. Claremont, New Hampshire is a city that is statistically white as rice. Recently, a group of white teenagers attempted to lynch an 8-year-old biracial black boy and not surprisingly, the police response has been minimal at best.  

When questioned about the incident, one of the junior KKK members referred to it as “an accident”.  For a hint of what to expect from the “investigation”, look to the statement made by the police chief overseeing the case. He states “Mistakes they make as a young child should not have to follow them for the rest of their life.” In following the chief’s asinine logic, the 8 year old’s mistake was being black in Claremont, New Hampshire. Lynching has been a tool in the arsenal of white supremacists for years, BUT THAT’S NOT RACIST.