Am I referring to the latest police shooting of a black person? No, because we already know how those incidents turn out. What I am referencing is an incident in Cleveland, Ohio where a mother found her live in boyfriend naked and on top of her 12-year old daughter.

What happened next supports the idea that karma exists. The mother instinctively grabbed a knife and stabbed the boyfriend multiple times. Somehow, the boyfriend survived and eventually the cops were called. When interviewed, the child corroborated her mom’s story and the incident is now being investigated as a sexual assault.

As a childless adult, I can’t think of anything more likely to make me go beast mode then someone violating my precious seed.  In terms of unforgivable offenses, its right up there with being funny with my money. While I don’t knock anyone for trying to get their groove back, it’s important that parents thoroughly vet their partners. This person will be around your child and it may not always be at times when you are present.

Currently, there is no talk of the mother being charged and even if she was facing formal charges at some point, no jury in their right mind would convict. If cops like Jason Stockley can walk scott free for murder, why shouldn’t this mom protecting her daughter be allowed the same liberties?