Sounds like an oxymoron right? Well, let me break it down for you. Not every black person is 6’12” and built like Deebo. Some of our brothers and sisters are not physically imposing but pack an intellectual punch that could rival Tyson in his prime. Of course there are those with both brain and brawn but this piece is for those who may be packing more logic than lats.

When white supremacists see you, your image doesn’t conjure up fears of the worst black stereotypes. Upon interacting with you though, they realize that you are in fact their worst nightmare; a black person with a brain. Your high level of thought allows you to see through the smoke screens that they wish we were all blinded by.

Still not sure if your one of those smarty art ninjas, well here’s a few hints:

  1. If white people don’t hesitate to ask you for directions on the subway yet are not as eager for your input in those TPS reports at work, you might be a non-threatening yet threatening negro.
  2. Ever had white people at a bar try to rationalize voting for Donald Trump, then grow silent when you articulate how a vote for him supports white supremacy. You my friend, might be a non-threatening yet threatening negro.
  3. You’re the designated knowledge base for white people’s hip hop related questions, but the moment you mention that savings account with a high yield interest rate, your met with looks of puzzled anger. Go ‘head and pat yourself on the back you non-threatening yet threatening negro.

You exist in an interesting space, one that at times can feel like a betrayal of your blackness because white people don’t see you and immediately cross to the other side of the street. Know your lane though and embrace it. When the revolution comes, it will not be televised but it will require all types of us from the brutish brawler to the studious scholar.