To see the NFL do a complete 180 with their stance on National Anthem protests is interesting. This all started with Senor Chump referring to protesting players as the offspring of female dogs. He was in Republicanville aka ‘Bama and as any con artist does, he played to his audience’s stupidity.

Deciphering how to feel about this is conflicting. On one end, the resistance that the President’s statement was met with from black athletes, journalists, celebrities, etc. was great because it showed the power in unity. Sadly, this power is usually underutilized.

With so many of the “Black Elite” taking a stand, the  NFL owners found themselves in a bind. Do they continue to turn a deaf ear to what’s happening outside of the neatly manicured Astroturf that they play on, or do they save face and attempt to appease their players?

‘Massa chose the latter. As such, we bore witness to a series of inauthentic shows of solidarity that really just amounted to more All Lives Matter propoganda. Essentially, this exercise undermined everything that Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for.

Even those who were stricken with coon flu found it in their hearts to engage in the “protests” with ‘Massa’s permission of course.  The show is over now and it’s up to the NFL and other organizations that profit off of black bodies to put up or shut up. Am I hopeful? Not really, because history has conditioned us to expect the worse.

To the land of the un-free and home of the slave, you have once again succeeded in minimizing the complexities of what amounts to a criminalized experience; being black in America.