Historically, black women have championed black males when no else would. When life had us on the ropes, ready to collapse amidst the jeers of white supremacy, black women were in our corner telling us to dodge left and jab right.

You see, hate and utter disdain for the black male is nothing new. Since inception, we have been vilified in a way that seems unmatched in it’s viciousness.

Black men are not alone in their suffering though. As war was being waged on melanated men, our women were left to pick up the burden and tend to the broken families damaged by our physical and/or emotional absence.

In caring for everyone else, the black woman had no one to care for her and the effects of that have unfolded in both positive and negative ways.

Today, black woman outpace their male counterparts in educational achievement and business ownership and as a demographic, are a force to be reckoned with.

At a time like now, with blackness under attack, one would think that we would all be striving to unify internally and for the most part, we are.

However, there’s been a brewing of anti black male rhetoric coming not from klan members or President Trump but black, college educated women (and a few men).

Some of the more provocative statements have been that straight black males are the white men of the black community or that black men are terrorists.

In all fairness, there has been a large share of anti black women rhetoric that we’ve inundated them with over the years via music and general misogyny so we are not completely innocent. This divisiveness is futile though.

Black people, we are under siege and we don’t have the luxury of playing the blame game. At 12-15% of the population, the likelihood of our extinction is more real than you think. Let us first get out of the house engulfed in flames and to a safe space. Then we can revisit these tit for tats.