The media narrative that unfolds in the aftermath of shooting sprees would have you think that white males are the most marginalized group of people in the world. Black victims are executed by police and then have their reputations dragged through the mud. Meanwhile, white mass murderers are given a full psycho analysis on the nightly news detailing all the “reasons” why they snapped. There’s a difference in the verbiage used to describe each party. The white guys are unique or withdrawn. In contrast, the black folks are aggressive and thug like.

The President has yet to call the Las Vegas incident what it is; domestic terrorism. And that begs the question; Why are these savages handled with kid gloves? Why do we innately look for excuses to minimize their actions and humanize them? If this is what we’re doing as a society, lets just be a little more consistent. Next time a black person is shot in the back while running away from an officer, let’s embody that same empathetic energy.