Life lived in a state of wokeness comes with mucho weight. James Baldwin’s synopsis of the conscious Negro’s ever-present rage wasn’t far off.

From the subliminal micro-agressions that companies like Dove market to us under the guise of “missed marks” to the general apathy of white folks when things affect any group of people other than white folks, we’re given plenty of wood to spark those internal fires.

Psychologists have long analyzed and argued on the best ways to alleviate stress and reduce internal tension. There are many methods but one that is a bit more unconventional may be worth giving a shot; that is rapping to yourself in the mirror.

You might ask; why would anyone do this? Well, it can be confidence building, therapeutic or just down right fun. Plus, enough folks between the ages of 18-50 listen to some form of rap music whether it’s Migos, Lauryn Hill or everyone in between.

The immaculate Issa Rae has made a habit out of doing this on her hit HBO show, “Insecure” and anything that’s good enough for her is good enough for our stanking a**es.

Need a boost? Try rapping the first four lines of “Bad & Boujee” by Migos in the mirror. Offset!/woo, woo/woo, woo/wooh!/

Clueless co-workers got you heated? Cue Tupac’s “Hail Mary“. I ain’t a killer/ but don’t push me/Revenge is like the sweetest joy/next to getting p****/.

Coming to terms with the complexities of a friendship? What better song than “Lost Ones” by Lauryn Hill? It’s funny how money/changes situations/Miscommunications/lead to complications.

Next time your feeling blah, don’t pop a zanny. Instead, turn on a rap song you love and find the nearest mirror. All will soon be well.