Like a fake $20 bill, ESPN has been looking real funny in the light lately.  Who can forget the skit they aired dramatizing a fantasy football auction? You know; the one that bore an eerie resemblance to a slave auction, with its all-white group of hosts bidding on black men like cattle.

Or how about when Jemele Hill was publicly reprimanded for tweeting what everyone in the world knows to be true; that Donald J. Trump (the j is for jerk-off ) is a white supremacist.

That’s like your significant other asking if you orgasmed and then getting upset when you respond no. Facts are not to be argued…. ok? Donald Trump is a white supremacist, black lives don’t matter to the majority of society, and Allen Iverson doesn’t need practice.

Ms. Hill, 2nd to only Lauren, found herself in hot water with her employer again this week. This time, it was for tweeting that viewers should boycott the NFL’s advertisers. The purpose of this was to push back against the latest switch-a-roo by Dallas Cowboy’s owner, Jerry Jones. After his fake show of camaraderie  with players a week or so ago, he is now saying that any players who disrespect the flag will be benched.

Instead of a reprimand, Ms. Hill now faces a 2-week suspension for being unapologetically black, for refusing to stay complacent in the face of white supremacy. To all those who pride themselves on being authentic, this is what happens when keeping it real goes right.