NWA’s seminal song, “Fudge the Police“, contains a lyric from Ice Cube pointing out something he’s noticed among interracial cop partnerships. He shouts But don’t let it be a black and a white one/cuz they’ll slam you down to the street top/black police showing out for the white cop/.

In Orange NJ, a black cop was captured on video using excessive force on two teenaged black girls and attacking the girls’s high school principal who tried to intervene.  The officer has been suspended until further notice but it makes you question the motives and agenda of blacks that choose to become police officers.

The push for police reform always leads to talk that more black and brown officers are needed to serve communities of color, which sounds like a logical measure.  In fact, there is data showing that fewer black civilians are killed by police in cities with more black officers. Seeing videos like the aforementioned one make you pause and examine that theory though.

Can a black man or woman put on a cop uniform and do their job while upholding basic civil liberties that so many of our brothers and sisters are denied? Or, are they setting themselves up to betray their blackness the moment they step foot in their patrol area?

Make sure to hit up the comment section and describe you or someone you know’s experience in dealing 1) with black cops and 2) with black cop/white cop duos.