Today, in white folks say the darndest things; a young Bozo Becky and her mayonnaise squad were recorded doing a warm and fuzzy group chant of “f*** n*gg*rs”.

Black Twitter continued it’s undefeated streak by instantly providing names of the participants and the phone number of the Utah high school that they attend. One of the few black students at the school voiced their shock via tweet, referring to the group as “so-called friends”.

As adult people of color, there are things that we have come to accept like water being wet and the high probability of white folks doing or saying some degree of racist ish. This racist ish can be minimal or extreme, cluelessly or with malice.

For many of us who grew up in low-income, inner city environments, one marker of success is being able to raise our kids in more suburban, residential areas. Where we didn’t have many interactions with whites as kids, our offspring are surrounded by them.

How do you prepare them for the day when that innocence is lost and they recognize that all the post-racial, All Lives Matter narratives that they are fed in school and by the media is a smokescreen?

Do you have “the talk” with them? Son/daughter; no matter how much you achieve and how great you are, a large enough segment of the world including many that you consider friends will view you as nothing more than the n word.

Do you keep them insulated and forbid any hangouts and fraternizing with the Beckys and Brads?

Or, do you let them build their own peer networks, monitor the whos and whats closely and hope for the best?

These are the questions…… What are your answers?