In the aftermath of Eric Garner, Charlottesville, etc. the spike in wokeness has forced us in the African diaspora to acknowledge an elephant in the room.

That elephant is the dissension between black Americans and blacks with foreign lineage (Africans, West Indians, etc.). Those of you that dare to deny this either have eyelids that are permanently at half-mast or live life in denial.

This static has been bubbling for a long time. West Indians have dismissively referred to Black Americans as Lazy Yankees while black Americans refer to them as cunnilingus phobic Coconuts.

Many Africans tell stories of being coined African Booty Scratcher by peers during their formative years. Meanwhile, black American men are often shunned when romantically pursuing African women.

Recently, this friction spilled over on the NYC subway. Two men; a black American and a black African came to blows after an argument. The argument seemed to center on going back to one’s country and whether or not the black man had a country to go back to.

The icing on this shit cake was the white girl shouting out Worldstar as two black men tried to physically destroy each other.

Why do we continue to stop and argue in this burning house of white supremacy? I am all for cultural pride but not at the expense of intraracial unity.

These black assassins aka cops will not give you preferential treatment when stopping you because your black American instead of black Jamaican or black African.

All they see is black and all you’ll see is red when they shoot you down. Lets unify in real life; not just online.