In trying to one-up other groups in the oppression olympics, us black folks are quick to cite the “system” as a root of our problems. And there is some truth to that.

By and large, we have the greatest percent of our population wrapped in the “system” aka the prison industrial complex. There’s also another side of the coin though.

Social media has made snitching on one’s self cool. Don’t believe me? Just scroll through your timeline and glance at all the d-boys peddling pills, pot & promethazine.

Or how about those Instagram lovelies with no identifiable talent, career, or product putting “booking” info on their profile? Not all of them are flatbackers but enough are.

Recently, actor Denzel Washington made it a point to emphasize how we often pour our own troubles in the penal coladas that the justice system serves.

When asked about the “system”, Washington states “I can’t blame the system, it’s unfortunate that we make such easy work for them.”

Ladies and gentlemen, we know the game is not played fair. Let’s not make it so easy for them to trap us.