Victim blaming never seems to get old. From sexual assault to black civilians murdered by police, a certain segment of society sees no error in the ways of the offender.

On almost a daily basis, we’re treated to a public figure putting a foot in their mouth when speaking on these sensitive topics.

The latest addition to that list is legendary actress Angela Lansbury. Known for her role in the classic crime drama, “Murder She Wrote”, the senior thespian gave an opinion that set both black and white twitter on fire.

Like “Blossom” star Mayim Bialik and Lena Dunham before her, Lansbury places the responsibility of not being sexually assaulted on women. Her reasoning is that “women have gone out of their way to make themselves sexually attractive.”

That’s like saying Trayvon Martin shouldn’t have been wearing a hoodie or Tamir Rice shouldn’t have been playing with a toy gun.

Black people shouldn’t wear hoodies or play with toy guns or they’ll be killed and women shouldn’t be pretty or they’ll get raped.

Next, it will be; pedestrians shouldn’t stand on sidewalks or they’ll be hit by cars.