F.D.N.Y. IS D.U.M.B.

Cops or firefighters…..whos better? Sure, cops take lives and firefighters save lives, but both professions are chock full of racists.

New York City’s fire department, the FDNY, has actively pushed black candidates away for years citing low scores on entrance exams and a lack of clean criminal records.

Hey, it’s not like the tests have been proven to be biased. And we all know that every black person in NYC has a criminal record…. right?

In typical supremacy fashion, the agency has excused questionable behavior from its fair-skinned applicants and employees. Take Joe Cassano, a current EMT with the agency and soon to be fire fighter.

This noble young man spewed racist rhetoric in 140 characters or less back in 2013 and was forced to resign as an EMT. After going on his fake minority apology tour, he was allowed to reapply for his position.

Oh… and he just so happens to be the son of retired FDNY¬†Commissioner, Salvatore Cassano.

On December 11th, Joe the Jerk will enter the agency’s firefighter academy. Soon after, he is set to be sworn in as an inferno combatant.

If this bull is taking place in NYC, imagine what kind of ethnic intolerance is being excused in other departments throughout the country.