Rap music will have you thinking that all teachers are demented tyrants that spend their days crushing student dreams and self-esteem.

You’ve heard the lyrics; “teacher said I ain’t gone be sh**”, “f the class and f my teacher too”. Bad apples aside, teaching as a profession is no cakewalk in the park.

From managing multiple personalities in the classroom to meeting city and state-wide mandates that constantly change, teaching is a steady stream of self-reflection, self-doubt and daily mid-life crisis(s).

I say all that to say; self medicating is probably a lot more prevalent among today’s educators than we’d like to acknowledge.  And no, ganja doesn’t count. I mean come on…. its a plant!

In the past 2 weeks, 2 teachers from 2 different states were found in possession of drug paraphernalia on school grounds.

Samantha Cox, an Indiana teacher, was captured on video by her students doing drugs.  Matthew Azimi, a Bronx, NY teacher, was found dead in a school bathroom from an apparent overdose.

Thankfully, neither of the teachers were black because you know…… it would mean all black teachers are druggies. Hell, to this day, crack is predominately synonymous with black folks even though other groups engaged in just as much use.

Ethnicities aside, what does this mean for the next wave of potential educators? What does this mean for students being taught by addicts? As functional as they may have appeared to be, weren’t there any signs or warnings?