A white boy was bullied and the world cried. Meanwhile, 2 girls of color were bullied and committed suicide.

Make no mistake; bullying is wrong on all levels.

However, the Earth should not stop spinning on its axis because a white boy with racist, Confederate flag loving parents caught a jab or two.

In 24 hours, over $50,000 was raised for Jones and his family. This money will likely be spent on JPay for his dad; an imprisoned white supremacist, and more Confederate flag merch.

On social media, black celebrities and talking heads alike rushed to praise this young man’s “bravery”.

Well now that we know his pedigree, lets redirect some of that energy back into our own community and spread the news of these real tragedies.

If this comes off as harsh, ask yourself; did Taylor Swift post anything about Rosalee Avila and Ashawnty Davis?