Those of us that are aspirational and upwardly mobile can find themselves in environments where everyone else feels like black folks don’t belong; Ivy League colleges, convenience stores, Earth lol.

Nonetheless, navigating daily life in 2017 is comparatively better for black people than it was in 1917 or 1817. Where our forefathers dealt with outward, egregious ‘cism everyday, we’re met with more subtle, infrequent doses of bigotry.

For example, when you buy a belt at a high-end retailer and store clerks call the cops on you.

Then there’s the Bougie Becky asking if you if your on the right line as you clutch your first class plane ticket. And of course, there’s fuckery in the friendly skies.

This week, a black woman on an Ethiopian Airlines flight, was assualted by an old, dried up prune of a Becky. The brazen Becky slapped the black woman for refusing to push her reclined seat forward.

Among the many quotables uttered out of this human fecal matter’s mouth was “You have no rights! Sit upright and behave yourself!!!”.

You can carry yourself as prim and proper as you’d like but when in an environment where your unjustly deemed unworthy, you will still be treated as inferior.

Essentially, they want you to make yourself docile and minimal it in a way that pacifies their superiority complex. To that, you must say no; I will not pardon my blackness.