Who’s having the worst week ever? If you listen to Black Twitter or anyone with an internet connection, that distinction goes to Omarosa Manigault.

She’s a reality TV star, an ordained minister, and has ruffled more feathers than Suge Knight at the ’95 Source Awards. Can’t you see her with high heels on; swaggering up to the podium, throwing up a W for White House?

Now, she’s been ousted from the Trump Squad and is running around telling her sob story to anyone who will listen. The reality though is that her cries are falling on deaf ears.

Different accounts of her time in the Oval Office are spreading, but one thing all sides seem to agree on is that it was drama filled.

When she joined Trump’s administration, she insisted that she was doing this for “her community” aka black people. What it turned out to be though was a power play for her own “career”.

Omarosa’s story is one of wasted talent. She literally started from the bottom, growing up in Ohio with little money and a widowed mother.

Having obtained a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a graduate degree from Howard University, she could have gone on to do a lot for the community. Instead, she chose to make a career out of fuckery. Now, it’s coming back to bite her in the ass.

Seems like she didn’t realize that once you board the coon train, there’s no coming back.