Way before Trump swindled his way into the White House, black people in America have been actual targets of fake news.

Throughout the course of his-story, narratives have painted us as having a monopoly on misery and mischief.

Let the mainstream media tell it; the melanin enriched are the only people committing crimes, catching STD’s and using drugs. That’s until the opioid crisis came along.

For the first time in forever, there was a societal ill that affected whites more than blacks and it was reported as such.  While the crack epidemic affected whites & black nearly equally, the media morphed it into a black problem.

Well, it looks like things are reverting back to the status quo. A recent NY Times article is reporting how worse the opioid crisis has gotten, particularly for blacks.

THAT MAKES NO SENSE. Throughout this opioid crisis, the irony of blacks not being affected by it has been lost on no one.

Countless publications, including the NY Times, have noted how white communities have bore the brunt of opioids.

Now, out of nowhere, blacks are crumbling under the weight of this devil’s candy? Lets call bs.

The NY Times is generally known for reputable reporting but the media has done a great job of smearing the black image. It looks like throwing us under the bus one last time was just too tempting to resist.