At first glance, this notion probably seems illogical. Hell, there are black muslims. In fact, one of history’s greatest civil rights leaders, Malcolm X, was a muslim.

This indifference though is usually reserved for a specific Muslim; usually of Indian or Southeast Asian descent. As a collective, Pakistani’s, Bangladeshi’s, etc. have a certain level of anti-blackness ingrained in their cultures.

From casually referring to blacks as abeed, or slave, to opening Bodegas and other establishments in our communities and treating us as unworthy customers, their racial shenanigans should be noted.

Dating someone black will often lead to them being excommunicated from their home and family. Ladies, you can literally be the second coming of Michelle Obama; educated, beautiful and civic-minded. Yet, you will still be seen as less than.

Fellas, you can be the next Barack Obama but will just be seen as some thug trying to stick your BBC in their virtuous daughter.

Now, to be fair, they’re not necessarily any more racist to blacks than other non-black groups but all of the above is why some blacks shed no tears when the¬†Trumpset implemented said ban.

Is it wrong? Is it right? Who knows? It’s one of those things that just is….