Matthew Knowles, the once estranged mastermind and sperm donor behind Beyonce and Solange has been making the media rounds lately. He’s promoting his new book, “Racism From the Eye’s of Child”.

Throughout his press run, he hasn’t seemed to shy away from heavy topics. For one, he attributed his marriage to ex-wife Tina Knowles-Lawson to colorism, admitting that he thought she was white when they first met.

Ever the poker player, this H-town Joe Jackson immediately raised the stakes. In that same chat with Ebony Magazine, he makes the point to say that Ms. Independent Woman aka Blue Ivy’s mom, would not be as popular if she were dark-skinned.

And…….. he’s right. To all of you doubters, I have two words; KELLY ROWLAND. She’s just as talented and just as beautiful as Sasha Fierce yet her entire career has consisted of playing second fiddle.

For all the uproar that his claims are sure to inspire, we need more candor like this in our community and when it comes to elephants in the room, colorism is as big as any.