Were it not for such f’d up fate, yesterday would have been the 23rd birthday of Trayvon Benjamin Martin.

Trayvon was a child yet certain less melanated segments of the population saw him as other things; threat, thug, criminal. These are all code words for nigger.

As social media filled with images and rest in peace posts about our befallen young king, I caught myself doing something over and over again. Whenever a photo of Trayvon came up, I’d quickly divert my eyes away from those in the image.

After maybe the 10th time doing this, I stopped and tried to acknowledge why this was happening. It was then that it hit me; I can’t look in the eyes of this dead young man because I and the rest of Amerikkka failed him.

Sure, we may not have been on the janky jury that acquitted Zimmerman nor did we fire those fatal shots.

However, we have allowed his death to incentivize racists like that Wal-Mart security guard that has always wanted to shoot a jigaboo or the klan member cop who can’t hide his contempt for every black person he pulls over.

Put simply; nothing has changed in the years since his execution. If you need proof, look at the number of blacks shot by cops and citizens alike for no other reason than…… being black.

Every acquittal or mistrial is a slap in the face to this young man who had his life snuffed out by a dude who couldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight.

Until we make things right as a nation and hold these folks accountable, these eyes of mine will continue to divert.