Cops caring about black people is a crazy concept right? Well it gets crazier.

A black NYPD Officer found herself swimming in backlash after the twitter account for the 100th Precinct, a post that she commands, tweeted out a “vulgar” tweet.

What did the tweet say? F*** the police? Skin a pig? Nope.

The 3 word tweet that had white people white peopling to the max was…. #BlackLivesMatter.

Imagine that. Catching flack for celebrating black lives during Black History Month.

Police groups immediately spoke out, branding the civil rights collective as terrorists and law enforcement support of them a betrayal of the badge.

Mike Collins, a former NYPD Officer who has since retired from the murder squad, said “This month is supposed to celebrate great accomplishments by black Americans, not celebrate a Hate group that wants to Kill Cops for doing their jobs.”

All this hoopla just goes to show there’s no church in the wild. They take black lives and nothing happens. We support black lives and chaos ensues.