Mariah Carey once famously belted these lyrics, supposedly referring to one time beau Eminem. Years have passed and this question is as relevant now as it was then but for different reasons.

So white people…. why u so obsessed with me? Me being black people. According to you, we’re savages; unrefined and unintelligent. Yet, you consume “black culture” as much or more than we do, often imitating said culture in a way that is not flattering.

You’re fixated on our bodies; seeing big black cocks and curves rather than souls.

We integrate and you fight us tooth and nail. Yet when we separate (Black Wall Street, Marcus Garvey, etc.) you fight that as well.

You invade our communities hoping to experience the edginess of urban living yet make quality of life complaints when said edginess annoys you.

Why are we always on your mind?

Teachers in Florida are telling their students not to date niggers. Alt-Righters are demanding we kneel for the flag of a country that treats us like dirt. Beckys are pretending that they were kidnapped and raped by black men.

White America, we collectively ask that you GET OFF OF OUR DICKS…. and vaginas, respectively.