Black twitter fingers have been on a jelly roll lately with their #therootarticles tweets.

In 140 characters or less, users have taken digital news site, The Root, to task for their seemingly anti hetero black male/anti-black love stance.

Surely, I’ve consumed a lot of the content they publish. Lately though, there does seem to be something funky in the water over there.

There was the erotic fiction piece titled “Dominate” that fetishized the idea of teenage black girls being raped by middle-aged white men.

Oh, then there’s the piece equating the collective conduct of black men to that of white men and their historically predatory nature.

Though they didn’t take the mudslinging laying down. the site’s clapback was as unepic as Ja Rules during his battle with 50 cent. In short, they were called out on their ish, and used store brand one ply to clean it up instead of Charmin or Cottenelle.

Those that control the media control the narrative and so with great power comes great responsibility. To the good and not so good pens over at the Root; tighten up…. respectfully.