The war against black people rages on and it seems that the daily doses of self hate bestowed on us have left our men and women seeking solace in the arms of non allies.

The sun is out and in running through the 6 with my woes, the rise in interracial pairings has been hard not to notice.

Sure, theres many slices to the interracial dating pie but for the purposes of this article, lets talk about the most obvious coupling; black and white.

For a long while, brothers were more likely to date white than sisters but the tide is turning. In 2018, sisters are swirling just as hard as their male counterparts.

Black men and women alike,

How can you build a genuine, meaningful and loving relationship with someone whose people have historically disenfranchised generations of your people?

With someone whose daily existence is upgraded and pedestalized based on the devaluing of your own existence?

With someone who likely sees you as sub-human in spite of how “woke” and “not like the others” they seem to be.

In a world where anything black is branded as inferior, it makes me wonder, brothers and sisters; do we even like each other anymore?

Drop your penny in the bucket and let us know.