Just when there seems to be no more cookies in the how trash can she be jar, everyone’s favorite mediocre white whale leaves us more crumbs to grasp at.

The winner of Miss White Trash 83′ recently called into Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s podcast to plead her case on why she is not a racist.

With her white tears flowing like a caucasian waterfall, this pink-toe pilgrim insisted that while she is many things, she is not someone who would equate a black person to a monkey. Not because it’s racist or anything but because “I’m not stupid”, she insists.

Phite weople be tripping and this just further solidifies that. Does it get any more privileged than crying because YOU said something racist?

The actual target of her tirade, Obama advisor/black woman Valerie Jarrett hasn’t received nearly as much coddling and concern. What a time to be alive….